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 Massage Sprite

 1226 17th St, Santa Ana, CA 92701, USA

 +1 714-836-1199

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Massage Parlour – Santa Ana,CA

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  • Kind of expensive. Plus force tip of 20.
    $2.00 charge for debit card.
    So $66 for a half hour

  • It's a typical Asian ran massage parlor. I had normal/decent hopes for this 100-minute foot/body massage.

    Soon as I walked in I was greeted with a nice receptionist and offered to pay a $6 upgrade to change the ratio of minutes spent on foot/body and more importantly to be placed on a typical massage table. I respectfully declined and was ushered into a side room that did not have any airflow/fan/AC of any kind. This became an issue as I started to sweat 30 minutes into the massage.

    It all went south at the end of the massage which was actually decent enough to go back to.

    The masseuse then awkwardly hung around for her tip. I had a $10 bill lined up which I thought was good since I paid $35 for the Groupon.

    She looked at the $10 bill, looked at the clock as if to remind me she worked hard (for the agreed purchased time) and gave me the slave puppy dog eyes as she asked for more money.

    Not only is it awkward, I felt like it was a shake down. So I had two choices. Feel like a monster by saying no or give her more money ($5) because my damn heart still exists.

    So all in all I walked away feeling weird after spending $50.

    Now before some of you decide to tear me down... I believe there should be some level of principals adhered to if they want to be a professional environment. This was not a good experience.

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