Massage Envy – Modesto Briggsmore

 Massage Envy – Modesto Briggsmore

 2001 McHenry Ave Ste L, Modesto, CA 95350, USA

 +1 209-809-3689

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  • New ownership is great! Clinic is renovated and very professional. The massage was great. I really enjoy the facial, it really helped clear up my skin! Thank you Massage Envy. I joined the membership so i will be back!

  • I’ve been coming here on and off for 4 years. Recently they reopened under new ownership, and I had the luck to have massage therapist Souporn, who has helped me immensely with my pains. She is such a pleasant individual also, and very responsive to when I ask her to adjust pressure and focus areas. I look forward to having more massages here. Front staff is friendly.

  • Had an amazing experience here today! My massage therapist was super nice and was able to help fix all of my aches and pains! Would highly recommend!

  • The absolute worst customer service!

    I used to love getting massages. Especially when the person knows you and you can go in and get taken care of. When I moved out to California though, I found it difficult to find a good place. They seem to like to attack the spine out here. Why?!?! It makes no sense to me. Anyway, I found massage envy and it looked like my kind of place, hopefully where I could find someone who actually listened when I said “please don’t bruise my spine up”

    I called the one in Modesto on McHenry and they just hung up on me (that should have been my first sign). I then tried booking online which after I verified my email, still said it was not verified and would not allow me to book anything (that should have been my second sign). I then called the Modesto one again and this time someone picked up. Seemed nice and didn’t have any appointments for that day but got me booked for the next day for when I got off work.

    I’m starting to look forward to it all day long, especially since my upper back is killing me. It’s hurting bad and I definitely need some pain relieved. I walk in and attempted to get checked in and it seemed to be taking a long time and the girl kept saying umm a lot....not looking good. I immediately confirm with myself the number I called and the location which the number belonged to and then also confirmed I was at that location. It all checked out. I was at the right place.

    She then says there is nothing booked for me so I asked her to look up by my phone number since the lady on the phone didn’t seem to understand that I said my name was Tia and may have wrote it down as Kia or something weird like that. She found me in the system and said “oh looks like you’re booked in Stockton” what?!?! So I show them my phone and the number I called and they said ya that’s us. So apparently the receptionist booked me for Stockton and didn’t tell me....why?!?! This makes no sense.

    At this point I’m hoping they will say something to try and remedy the situation. But the lady said “ya you’re booked in Stockton and we don’t have anything available today, sorry” basically saying “sorry go away now please”

    I used to work for a salon and if this happened we would immediately let them know how apologetic we were and offer something! Anything! Whether it be a different service that day for free or discounted for the inconvenience and then booking a massage for me for another day to ensure my return, or just discounting my massage which they would help me book for another day. Literally anything other than just saying sorry and giving me a look of please leave now.

    I’m not the kind of person to yell at the people there, clearly they aren’t going to do anything and it’s just going to make my day worse, but I sure as hell make sure to write a review. You’re welcome!

  • One of the worst places I have had to deal with in terms of customer service. They have charged us numerous times over the last several months after telling them they were charging us, they did refund us.

    Now charged us again. After leaving several messages for the owners to call me they have never called me to address this situation. I will be connecting with the Better Business Bureau on their shady business practices. The Owners do have my phone number. I hope this gets a response.

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