Kyrin Massage

 Kyrin Massage

 46228 Warm Springs Blvd #420, Fremont, CA 94539, USA

 +1 510-440-8388

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Massage Parlour – Fremont,CA

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  • This place was so shady! I go inside and they make you pay before the massage. There’s a place for tip on there but since I didn’t actually have the massage yet I decided to wait until after the massage - so this was the first weird thing I noticed.

    Then I told the front desk lady and the lady massaging me no oil and only a little bit of lotion.

    I kept asking to have a certain spot massaged on my neck - which didn’t happen. I asked her to stop using lotion because there was soooo much but she didn’t stop. I asked for more pressure - which didn’t happen.

    Then at the end of this mess I went to get change to tip the lady - yes I was still going to tip her. And the lady at the front desk wouldn’t give me enough change - the change she gave me was for a 25% tip and there was no way I was tipping that much. I asked again and she said no so I just gave the masseuse what I had and she said no, she wanted more money, so I left the tip on the counter and left.

    So I just paid for 60 minutes of someone rubbing lotion on me - didn’t even feel like I got a massage.

  • Wonderful. Pretty busy shopping center so parking may be difficult sometimes but definitely worth a visit, they work hard here and it shows, highly recommend!

  • They made me sit there for 30 min after I told them I wanted an hour massage. Then someone else came in and all the sudden I could only have a 30min massage. I thought well fine. They make you pay before the massage and they told me they require a $10 minimum tip! For a 39min massage! I left without getting anything. This place sucks.

  • Very lame place,
    Pay first and asks for higher tip and only good if you need a hand job

  • I have a herniated disc and im into alot of low back pain as well as spasm so this evening i decided i should go to Kyrin and get a massage. As i entered here, the lady at the front desk demanded to pay first which usually i pay after the massage, anways, i paid 61 dollars plus 10 dollars tip. The lady gave me 45 minutes OK massage instead of 1 hour massage that i paid for it. After she was done, i looked at the clock and i saw she just gave me 45 minutes massage not full 60 minutes massage. I got disappointed and put on my clothes, as i was getting out of the room, she asked me "Tip please, i told her i did pay you 10 dollars upfront do you remember, she said the tip is 20 dollars minimum, i was like im sorry, its upto me how much tip i should give you and its not that i have to pay you tip and its not mandatory then she is like ok no problem and i saw she got mad and i left. Am i coming back? Probably not.

    Owner: if you want to attract more clients and grow your business bigger and more successful then you need to improve your employs' customer service skills, service quality and many more like room tempreture and smell free environment. You cant work, live and cook in your place of work.

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