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 Happy Foot Spa

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Massage Parlour – Santa Clarita,CA

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  • Don't go to this place I went March 5th on my birthday and there was a masseuse that was coughing and not covering her mouth I was saying to my self one more cough I was going to run out . But she stopped they should not work when there sick 4days later I got sick is was all in my chest horrible still sick . The place is dirty no air circulation don't put your face down in there beds. That place is hot bed of germs . They don't even wash there hands after they give you a massage . If you need to get a massage go to a place that is clean and the air in the room is clear not dry dirty or you will get sick they don't care the older lady is mean she hung up on me when I told her that her employee should wear a mask or stay home .

  • Great massage at a reasonable price. A 90 minute massage only costs $50.00 plus tip (they prefer cash tips, but they will allow adding on the tip to the credit card payment.) The massages are done clothed in a large room- so multiple people are getting massages at the same time. The environment is still fairly quiet, however- with very little talking, so it is still easy to relax. I really like the sound track that they play too. Appointments are not mandatory, but I would recommend doing so, and especially if you have a special request for a particular gender masseuse, for example. This business is located in a strip mall with very accessible parking. I highly recommend Happy Feet Massage if you are looking for a clothed massage at a reasonable price.

  • Happy Foot Spa offers great massage packages at low prices. It is an open space (no closed doors) and even though there are always a lot of people getting massages, it is relatively quiet.

    During every session I see the employees change the tissue for the pillow cover, the bag for the feet bucket, and the towels for the chairs. It is very sanitary.

    The employees are responsive to the level of intensity that you want for your massage. I have had everything from a head massage to a foot massage to a full body massage - always great results.

    I recommend that you make an appointment ahead of time, wear loose clothing, and tell the person at the front desk whether you want a gentle or firm massage.

    I have purchased gift certificates for family members, and the recipients have always reported back about their positive experiences.

  • Awful. Awful. Awful. I have had tons of massages in my life and one thing I know for sure is that I dont expect them to feel like torture! If long nails, pinching, pointy elbows and knuckles is what your looking for...then you may love it there. I like a firm massage but not painful. I took my daughter dor her first massage there today and told her to let them know if it was too hard. We both told our masseurs that is was too hard and it made no difference. When it finished, my daughter asked me if it was done and I said yes, she replied, Good!" I've been going there for a few years and it's gotten much worse the last 6 months. I will not be going back. I didn't want to even give 1 star and Inhave to tell you that I am very easy to please.

  • my wife and I both got massages here. Both of us were not happy with the massage. Mainly because it felt like both of the men who give us massages were not trained and we're quite harsh. My wife's masseuse had onion breath and that was obviously unpleasant.

    we paid $30 each for the foot combo massage. The segments were broken up in 20 minutes. The first segment was a massage on the head and neck and shoulders. The second segment was a massage on the feet. The third massage was the back. The back massage was the most unpleasant because of how hard they massaged and that their was no rhyme or reason to the method.

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