Angel Feet Reflexology & Massage

 Angel Feet Reflexology & Massage

 441 9th St, Oakland, CA 94607, USA

 +1 510-228-2996

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Massage Parlour – Oakland,CA

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  • I did a 90-minute foot body combo. It was good, but not wonderful. the language barrier with the massage therapist made it difficult to be specific during the massage. Also, many of his methods seemed a bit random and amateur. There was a lot of muscle pinching.

    Customer service was good and the environment is nice inside this space. Car very likely to be broken into if parked on the street. Don't leave anything visible.

  • Called for a last minute reservation and they were able to squeeze me in. $50 for a 75 minute massage. 45 minute foot massage, and a 30 minute back massage. The first part of the massage is in an open area. It's odd to me that you get up go into another room to finish off your back. I usually know what I'm expecting at these kind of massage places. Essentially, you get what you pay for. Most massage places like this are $30-$40 for a 1 hour massage. 15 minutes more for $10-20 more was not worth it for me. Although their customer service was fine, the actual massage itself was awful. I had so much pain the next day. My back was completely bruised up. I had tears running down my eyes during the massage. I had to tell him several times please do it softer. The first half of the massage they did my feet, legs, head and arms. That part of the massage was fine. The 2nd half of the massage you go into another room and take your clothes off to get your back done. It was pure agony and pain. I kept looking at the clock waiting for it to be over. Unfortunately I will not return.

  • TL;DR - Masseuse threw a fit and insisted I "must pay over $20 in tips" 

    I've been to Angel Feet at least 5 times now, and always had great experience.

    Unfortunately I won't be going back anymore because I got a massage today and this lady was furious that I only tipped her 15%. She insisted I pay her $20 in tips and she was very stubborn about it. If I knew she was going to act this way, I shouldn't have tipped her at all- she deserved none of it. Now you're left with a horrible review that will hurt your business, was it really worth the $20 you didn't get? 

    Not to mention that this place is cash only, so they don't even pay taxes. You're already making extra money by cheating! This is why Chinatown gets bad reputation. Stop being so cheap and scamming people. Ridiculous.

    Ps. I wrote a great review about this place over a year ago. Taking my great review down and replacing it with this.

  • NO WALK-INS!?...
    I Have To Make An APPOINTMENT.
    I prefer the other foot massage place right down the block, not shown on Google Yet, they took me as soon as I walked in.

  • I don't want to share my review because this place doesn't need overcrowding but whatever. They're the best and y'all need to treat yo selves.

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